The Client's, a leading financial literacy, inclusion, and security solutions and services provider, assists customers in embracing financially intelligent decisions and strategies. Commanding a strong presence across APAC nations, the firm envisions building economically inclusive, sustainable, and secure communities.

The Challenge

Stacked up against an Everest of sensitive information, the firm faced frequent hiccups on adequately managing its existing cloud databases and ensuring compliance with national regulations. On a broader scale, the underlying cloud and IT infra was overwhelmingly complex that led to escalating management costs, delayed innovation or go-to-market timelines, fragmented access control, and compromised security. A complete overhaul and modernization of the IT ecosystem were imminent.

The Solution

Cloud4C resolved to migrate the client’s existing databases, workloads, and development processes onto the Google Cloud Platform. A phased approach was undertaken, initiating with DevOps and infra modernization. Cloud4C employed containerization for core applications with Google Kubernetes Engine, promoted APM monitoring, and integrated CI/CD pipelines across dev environments enabling a single click deployments across multiple regions. Within a short period, the client considerably reduced IT TCO, enabled smarter resource utilization, and unlocked innovative global outcomes with significantly accelerated go-to-market timelines.

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Key Accelerators

Cloud MSP

Trusted Google
Cloud MSP

IT modernization

Dedicated Application,
IT modernization


AIOps-driven end-to-end
managed operations


4000+ global customers,
zero friction delivery

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