The Client

A major state ancillary body in Australia, the client is responsible for the state’s revenue and expenditure management. This includes the collection of taxes, royalty accumulation on key government assets such as petroleum and mining, and imposition of penalties as required. Bringing almost 33% of all revenues required to run the state, the collections are directed to mass development projects.

The Challenge

The Federal body has been keen on undertaking process automation measures to streamline a wide range of manual tasks. Hosted already on a legacy infrastructure with robust security and high-performance tools, the organization encountered soaring IT costs due to exponentially increasing transactional value. Besides, being the guardians of vast amounts of sensitive consumer data, they required the assistance of an experienced, end-to-end cloud managed services provider well versed not only in cloud consulting and migration but also in IRAP Compliance and security administration.

The Solution

Cloud4C, post a thorough collaborative assessment, concluded that migration of the federal agency’s mission-critical SAP Workloads to an agile, scalable, and compliant Azure cloud solution is the best way forward. The SAP on Azure platform offered full IRAP-compliant infra and extra security benefits along with in-built automated applications via Azure Resource Manager. This ensured zero operational disruption, record migration pace, and an unprecedented decrease in overall expenditure.

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Key Accelerators

RPA certified experts Dedicated SAP Centres of Excellence
with end-to-end Cloud Consulting
Benchmark RPA solutions SAP HANA Premium Partner
with Global deployment expertise
Building RPA solutions IRAP Compliance
Building RPA solutions SAP on Azure Hybrid Cloud
Managed Services Expertise