The Client

A leading payment solutions provider in India, BankIT ensures instant and hassle-free operations for major BFSI services such as Domestic Money Transfer, AePS/Debit cash Withdrawals, IMPS-powered Domestic Money Remittance for transfers, Bill Payments, Prepaids and Recharges, and more. With a vision to digitally upgrade Rural India, BankIT caters to over 400 banks in India.

The Challenge

Fast and hassle-free consumer experience is BankIT’s major value proposition. However, that was compromised due to the lack of a competent Disaster Recovery strategy. Hence, application failures resulted in prolonged downtimes and ad-hoc expenditures. Besides, the lack of a comprehensive IT architecture resulted in non-compliance with the ever-changing regulatory standards that de-stabilized core operations. A streamlined Cloud Banking solution with DR-backed security framework and end-to-end cloud managed services was the need of the hour that duly complied with RBI guidelines.

The Solution

Leveraging its expertise in compliant cloud managed services for major global banks, Cloud4C chartered a fool-proof, agile Disaster Recovery as a Service solution based on a scalable hybrid cloud architecture. The Azure-backed platform co-existed seamlessly with BankIT’s private data centers hosting mission-critical applications. Boasting additional automations with end-to-end cloud consulting, the implementation proved to be extremely cost-effective and ensured strict security, risk management, and compliance controls with zero data loss, zero operational disruption.

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Key Accelerators

2000+ skilled cloud experts with 23 dedicated Centres of Excellence
Cloud Banking Expertise: Successfully served 6 of Top 10 Global Banks
Managed DRaaS and Information Security Ready Portfolio
Compliant Cloud Consulting: Due compliance with global regulatory standards