The Client

A leading startup evangelist and venture capitalist firm based in Saudi Arabia, the organization supports and invests in promising fashion, beauty, healthcare, hospitality start-ups to accelerate the Saudi Vision 2030. They aspire to extend solutions and services meeting global standards while assisting local talent explosion to help bolster the nation’s economy.

The Challenge

With a diverse investment portfolio across multiple sectors, the client required a unified, advanced Cloud ERP administration platform to streamline operations, amplify business possibilities for supported start-ups, and facilitate cross-enterprise collaboration. SAP HANA was the platform of choice and the firm looked forward to a consulting, implementation expert to successfully deploy its workflows on the cloud. Infra cost optimization served as a primary KPI to help catalyze the Saudi Vision.

The Solution

As a certified SAP ERP deployer on AWS, Cloud4C designed a tailored SAP on AWS architecture for the client, leveraging Cloud Well-architected frameworks and Infrastructure as Code. The error-free greenfield deployment was covered in phases leveraging cutting-edge cloud-native technologies such as AWS Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Chef. With Amazon EC2 instances, the entire workloads and applications architecture was optimized to leverage the best benefits on the cloud at minimal expenses. Further to the inspiring transformation, AIOps-powered managed operations entitled seamless end-to-end administration, monitoring, and maintenance of the onboarded cloud solution. The transition exercise resulted in 40% TCO savings, 99.99% uptime, uninterrupted continuity, and uncompromised security via automation-powered preventive healing.

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Key Accelerators

RPA certified experts Certified SAP ERP on AWS cloud expert and Global
premium supplier of SAP S/4HANA.
RPA certified experts Dedicated AWS Centres of Excellence.
RPA certified experts Cost-optimized cloud infrastructure leveraging industry
best practices.
RPA certified experts End-to-end AIOps-driven Managed Services with Proprietary
Automation Solutions.
RPA certified experts Advanced security with Intelligent Self Healing Operations Platform
(SHOP) - predict and prevent risks automatically before they occur.