About Client

Launched in 2020, EQONOX is the first company with crypto currency exchange to be listed on NASDAQ. It provides a complete ecosystem of regulated infrastructure that empowers customers to unlock cryptocurrency opportunities in secure and transparent manner. EQONEX implements FATF-level KYC and AML processes, crypto provenance checks and market integrity controls.


Unlike the stock market, which operates only on weekdays between 9 to 5, the crypto market is always on, working 24x7. So, its app needed to be up and available, with zero downtime. Also, it required an infrastructure that could work with market fluctuations and reflect the same to its customers in real-time. It needed robust, in-built algorithms to give trading insights to users. Since this was a question of people’s hard-earned money, security and safety were crucial too. This demanded continuous updates to their applications platform.

The Solution

Understanding client requirements and having served a series of financial service providers earlier, Cloud4C’s dedicated experts implemented a cloud-native managed services model for EQONEX’s tailored requirements. We crafted a hyper-personalized solution for the client’s app platform with agile DevOps at its core to churn out new features and improvisations in real-time.

Customer workloads were segregated using Kubernetes container orchestration system to reduce the risks of inadvertent or unauthorized alterations that could compromise the system’s integrity. With AWS security features, developers were able to debug issues faster. Cloud4C also set up a DevSecOps practice to make sure that security is integrated at every level of the software design.

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Key Results

Improved innovation

Advanced security

deployment time


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