The Client

A leading biometrics services provider, CUBOX has been driving disruptive technologies such as CUBOX Face Recognition Algorithm used for implementing advanced security measures at airports. CUBOX leverages AI Deep Learning-based technologies that display capabilities of excellent standards in recognition and context awareness.

The Challenge

CUBOX was looking for an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner who could host and manage their infrastructure and be ready to do the heavy lifting for their future challenging and critical projects. Only an expert MSP with a strong local presence would fit the bill.

The Solution

Cloud4C, a proven global expert in AWS Cloud Managed Services and Cloud Consulting, came to the brand’s aid. Post thorough scrutiny of CUBOX’s application needs, Cloud4C leveraged AWS’ groundbreaking AI, ML and IoT frameworks to extend a fully compliant, scalable architecture that included application modernization, data intelligence, security administration, infra health monitoring, and more. This resulted in a comprehensive visibility to their huge data, agile deployment capabilities and cost optimized infrastructure.

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Key Accelerators

Global Presence & Support Network in more than 26 countries.

AWS Center of Excellence with expertise in hyper cloud and hybrid multi-cloud.

Cloud4C Global Team Data centers across multiple locations.