The customer bank is a trailblazer, Sharia-compliant digital banking institution in Saudi Arabia. With a mission to revolutionize financial services accessibility for vast segments of society, the bank empowers its customers by providing seamless, robust solutions tailored to their financial needs.

The Challenge

The bank needed a dedicated DR setup to comply with SAMA laws, but Oracle Cloud didn't have a DR region in Saudi Arabia. Multiple landscapes supported by numerous providers with complex licensing models further deterred platform and data management. They partnered with Cloud4C, who provided a tailored solution with Alibaba Cloud in a DRaaS model that is SAMA-compliant.

The Solution

The firm partnered with us due to our expertise in delivering in-country compliant DRaaS solutions powered by advanced technologies such as SUSE, RackWare etc. We provided tailored cloud solutions for their specific needs and have implemented a SAMA-compliant DR environment on Alibaba Cloud in a DRaaS model with auto backup and recovery.

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Key Accelerators

DR operations

business continuity

Reduced TCO with
DRaaS model

24/7 support