Commanding presence across 26 countries, this global education leader has remained an innovator in the space for eight decades and is a pioneer in online learning. The company currently provides a wide array of online and offline learning programs and materials, along with kits for test preparation to more than a million students and over several thousand organizations. To provide these services seamlessly, they lean heavily on the cloud.

The Challenge

The company was facing challenges with rising cloud costs, security and performance gaps. It had the potential to impact the organization's daily ops and growth objectives. Hence, the company was forced to take a closer look at the real-time cost metrics that then called for more judicious data-driven decisions to better cloud ROI. The provider had to consider a re-architecture of its cloud landscape.

The Solution

Cloud4C’s team of experts carried out a detailed review of the education provider’s cloud landscape to gauge aspects like workload performance, security, costs, and business sustainability. Post assessment, the team suggested an advanced financial governance framework that gave the client data-based insights on the impact of their cloud operations at a business-level. Cloud4C further enhanced security of the cloud landscape and ensured better performance with in-depth optimization strategies. This allowed faster agility of operations, impacting learning experiences across the globe.

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Key Accelerators

Cost savings

Security posture

End user experiences

Manual maintenance