The client is a reputed global bank with a 200-year-old legacy. The organization offers personal banking, business banking, and specialist banking operations in 10+ countries. They emphasize embracing modern technologies to ensure that they retain a competitive advantage over new-age Fintech rivals.


Their existing infrastructure was not compliant to increased scrutiny on customers' PII – (Personal Identifiable Information) related data management and security. Apart from GDPR compliant changes, they also wanted to embrace a private cloud that could deliver performance at scale. They also wanted to implement an Active-Active cluster between two sites to meet the business objectives and run the same kind of service simultaneously for all productions workloads.


Cloud4C undertook the entire project and focused on delivering a solution that was ‘Architected as per the banking industry's best practices.' Our teams delivered a GDPR compliant Always-ON private cloud to ensure strong protection of information. We also provided an active primary database and a secondary database on standby, and the latter can be activated within a few minutes.

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