As one of the largest grain processing companies in South East Asia, the client manages four large-scale mills across the region. Apart from regular trade and processing of grains, the firm is one of the largest operational networks in grain logistics, warehousing, and more.

The Challenge

The client’s vast operations were hinged on a complicated IT and networking infra comprising SAP systems on Google Cloud and non-SAP assets running on private datacenters operated by two telcos. This resulted in an acute shortage of computing and storage flexibility aggravated by ending datacenter contracts. Further, the complex network layout paired with data management fallacies resulted in non-efficient processes and escalating costs. A complete shift to the cloud was the only answer.

The Solution

Leveraging its decade-long global expertise in successfully managing cloud migrations of complex IT landscapes, Cloud4C ran stringent assessments to pinpoint the core impediments. All SAP and non-SAP workloads were migrated to the Google Cloud Platform paired with best-in-class tools and security solutions with zero data loss and null disruption to business as usual. Cloud4C further took charge of the client’s managed SAP operations that resulted in highly agile processes and 15% instant cost savings.

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