The Client

One of the largest human resource management enterprises in the Asia Pacific, the firm is headquartered in Singapore and operates across 13 countries. Commanding 50+ offices across the region, the firm struggled with its existing on-prem IT complexities and soon-to-end datacenter contract.

The Challenge

The ending datacenter contract meant the firm only had a few months to reorganize its vast IT landscape, across multiple nations. To add, the existing infra was non-scalable and running costs were off-charts paired with high security risks, fragmented DR, and a poor product go-to-market rate. A fast move to the cloud and full-scale modernization could only alleviate all the concerns and operational risks.

The Solution

Cloud4C was chosen as the migration partner owing to its in-depth managed cloud expertise globally and multiple success stories in fast, fail-proof cloud transitions of complicated landscapes. Post a thorough assessment, all on-prem servers and 140 VMs were migrated to a tailored Microsoft Azure landscape. A proper DR strategy was undertaken combined with advanced IT resource optimization and 24/7 monitoring. The entire exercise was completed at an astonishing pace with extended assistance, far ahead of the stipulated deadline, resulting in a 22% cost reduction, 9% faster growth, and top-notch security.

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Key Accelerators

RPA certified experts Microsoft Azure Expert MSP with
end-to-end managed expertise
Benchmark RPA solutions 4000+ success stories across
25+ nations
Building RPA solutions Zero friction delivery with AIOps-driven
cross-industry experience 2000+ cloud experts, dedicated 24/7
SOC and NOC support