The Client

One of India’s leading holiday, leisure, and Tourism brands, The Client promises customized holiday solutions and services in India and abroad. Boasting over 1,00,000 travellers in the last 5 years, the organization presents a suite of solutions including e-commerce portals, digital payments, and more for end-to-end customer delight. The firm aims complete digital transformation to accelerate global growth and ensure next-gen, hassle-free travel experience.

The Challenge

Our Client's vision was to transform into a global tourism leader encountered an unfortunate deceleration due to the ongoing pandemic. The existing cloud infrastructure proved to be expensive and the company sought assistance from trusted cloud managed service and cloud consulting providers to help transition existing IT assets to a more economical yet productive solution.

The Solution

Post a thorough assessment, Cloud4C concluded that a complete application re-deployment and workflow alteration on Google Cloud would only solve the client’s IT woes. The tailor-made cloud infrastructure empowered The Client with advanced tools and services such as Google Cloud Compute, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud CDN, and Google Cloud Migration Program. Integrating top-notch security and performance applications in addition, the solution resulted in high application availability, zero operational disruption, 40% cost savings, and uninterrupted business continuity.

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Key Accelerators

RPA certified experts Proven expertise with industrialized cloud managed services and solutions, cloud consulting across the globe
Benchmark RPA solutions Certified Google Cloud Platform managed services with dedicated Google Cloud Platform Centres of Excellence
Building RPA solutions 24/7 support with end-to-end assistance