The Client

Based-in India, Jeevanadi Stores offers ayurvedic medicines including balms, superfoods, and powders for a non-invasive treatment to common disorders. They also have branches in Melbourne, and Australia with a rich customers’ base across the globe. With a plethora of products listed on their portal, they are one of the notable entities to offer authentic herbal products.

The Challenge

As the store was experiencing an abundance of customers and orders on its online portal, the existing infrastructure was unable to cope with this influx. They experienced critical issues such as database failure, data recovery, and security. Moreover, the existing email solution was inadequate to filter spam emails slowing down responsiveness to client services. They needed an experienced MSP who empower the store to reduce errors while improving productivity.

The Solution

Cloud4C took full responsibility to transform Jeevanadi’s existing infrastructure onto the AWS cloud platform. Cloud4C redesigned their IT infra and customized that for hyper agility, and enterprise-grade security. In addition, Backup and Recovery BYOL framework was employed to tackle any retention time or email backup concerns. Implementing AWS Multi-AZ Solution was a key foundation that enabled the store to become more sustainable in the digital-first world.

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Key Outcomes

High application availability with 99.9% Uptime
Delivered anti-spam and backup solutions
Delivered the complete setup within a week
Greater visibility, 24*7 monitoring and stringent security