About Client

KPN Corp is a leading organization operating in agricultural, cement and building materials, real estate, toll road infrastructure, and foreign trade. The organization is headquartered in Indonesia and has offices across Jakarta, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius. From offering ecological solutions to providing community-building initiatives (government approved), the organization serves global audience in a varied ways such as managing oil plantations, distributing cement across, engaging in toll road infrastructure and international trade in niche markets alongside overseeing property development across various continents.


With a complex SAP-based ERP system, the organization had non-adaptable, non-agile, and non-resilient IT infrastructure. Additionally, the cloud model for running SAP applications was unsustainable disrupting business processes and management. Although the organization has risk analysis frameworks in place but they needed to be more resilient with efficient SAP security and compliance controls. Therefore, to improve upscaling efforts, a modern IT infrastructure was critical that eased manual shifting to cloud system with end-to-end robust IT management.


Cloud4C and AWS conducted a comprehensive cloud assessment for a seamless transition of the KPN's existing GIS and SAP workloads to AWS Cloud from existing cloud with agility, scalability, and data security. We enabled the KPN team to establish scalable infrastructure at reduced expenses based on a pay-per-resource model by leveraging network, monitoring, security, disaster recovery, and backup with zero detrimental impact on the business. Additionally, L1 layer applications decreased unexpected downtime and added more functionality synchronizing with KPN's business objectives such as effective management, improved agility and performance. The revitalized SAP architecture on AWS Cloud resulted in 30% TCO reduction, 99.5 percent uptime, and 100% success on all fronts.

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Key Outcomes

Reduced IT expenses
by 30- 50% resulted in
optimum productivity
and efficiency.

50% reduction
in resolution
processing time.

Minimized downtime
while ensuring zero
business interruptions.

On-demand backup
for client support with compliance and BCDR requirements.