The Client

One of the leading telecommunication giants in Europe and the world, the client caters to 10 million+ homes and businesses in 170 nations with over 1,00,000 employees. The organization is a market frontrunner in consumer fixed-line voice, broadcasting, and broadband services and one of the largest mobile network operators in the Europe.

The Challenge

The telecommunications colossus had selected SAP as its technology partner to chauffeur digital transformation across its varied operations. Harnessing a complicated, heterogeneous IT landscape to support its global activities, the client felt imperative to transition its core SAP ERP assets hosted on-premise to the highly secure, scalable, and powerful SAP Community Cloud. In addition to top-notch SAP HANA consulting services, the firm also required to integrate relevant telco cloud-focused applications to streamline its daily operations and consumer services.

The Solution

As one of the key global cloud consulting and cloud managed services players managing huge SAP HANA workloads on cloud, Cloud4C emerged as the partner of choice. Cloud4C fast delivered HANA on a SAP-certified community cloud that addressed the client’s migration and digitalization requirements end-to-end. Post same, a bouquet of advanced integrated SAP applications, 225+ VMs paired with infrastructure management, network administration, security services, risk management, database management, operations virtualization, periodic governance and compliance, and 24/7 monitoring was guaranteed at 99.5% uptime with a significant decrease in overall IT costs.

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Key Accelerators

RPA certified experts Cloud4C is one of the key global cloud managed services players with dedicated SAP HANA Consulting
Benchmark RPA solutions Specialist Global Migration team with end-to-end cloud consulting
Building RPA solutions Proven expertise in cybersecurity managed services
cross-industry experience 12+ years of experience in cost-effective migration for 2000+ enterprises worlwide