The Client

One of APAC’s most promising Neobanks or fully digital banks, the client offers mobile-first, fully secure, and superfast banking and financial services to over two hundred thousand consumers; deposits, loans, savings accounts, payments, and cards. The innovative bank envisions ushering a new era in banking by extending a hyper-personalized, digitally inclusive, fully transparent financial ecosystem for millions.

The Challenge

Although the client bank had embraced the Google Cloud ecosystem for better delivery of banking services to end consumers, it lacked skills in deploying advanced AI, ML, Analytics into its processes. That severely hindered their ambitions in delivering truly customized, superfast online banking services to the massive fleet of end consumers.

The Solution

As a global cloud managed services expert for the BFSI industry and a trusted Google Cloud MSP, Cloud4C came to Neobank’s aid. Post thorough analysis of client needs, specialized business use cases were identified to deploy fully GCP-native intelligent analytics tools. The highly cost-efficient, novel experience allowed the client bank to better leverage its vast dataflows on Google Cloud, detect frauds and predict risks, and deliver tailored services based on consumer profile segmentation and behaviors.

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