This healthcare leader has been at the forefront of pediatric and maternal care delivery in India. Driven by a commitment to provide exceptional healthcare, the chain of hospitals leverages the latest technology and digital tools to ensure that their patients receive the best. This propelled the healthcare provider to move its mission-critical HIMS operations to AWS.

The Challenge

The client had to ensure that their decision to migrate to a robust cloud infrastructure is sound. To establish this, they had to consider a few crucial factors like fluxes within cost dynamics, vendor interactions, value management, and waste minimization. The provider recognized the fact that this undertaking would be demanding and requires comprehensive strategic direction.

The Solution

Cloud4C proposed a lift-and-shift approach that included the transition of critical applications, servers, and associated data to AWS, ensuring near-zero downtime of critical applications. We created a roadmap to improve compliance and security monitoring and delivered precise financial management, budget allocation, and optimization of cloud resources. Owing to this, the client gained maximum RoI on their cloud operations that helped transfor their business outcomes and end service.

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Key Accelerators

Cost reduction

Projected TCO savings
in 5 years

5 Million
Fool-proof Transactions
per Month

Uptime of Critical