The Client

A leading manufacturer and distributor of exhaustive, premium poultry products, the Dubai-based behemoth boasts a legacy of over 37 years with 35 million quality chickens processed annually. The client commands an extensive distribution and retail network across multiple Gulf Nations, laying utmost emphasis on technological advancements to achieve customer service excellence.

The Challenge

Quality offering and service determined the core philosophy of the client. Hence, a move to the cloud seemed inevitable to maintain a sustainable growth curve. The complex distribution network too posed innumerable tracking, monitoring silos that shot up administrative costs, transaction hassles, and manual redundancies. A seamless, secure, and agile workflow architecture on the cloud would hence answer all operational deadlocks, accelerate production performance, and unleash end-to-end service excellence.

The Solution

As a certified SAP ERP deployer on AWS, Cloud4C designed a tailored, hyperscalable, and high-performance SAP on AWS solution architecture with an Infrastructure as Code architecture. The multi-tier deployment leveraged cloud-native technologies such as AWS Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Chef. With Amazon EC2 instances, the entire workloads and applications architecture was optimized to leverage the best benefits on the cloud at minimal expenses. Besides, AIOps-powered managed operations entitled seamless end-to-end administration, monitoring, and maintenance of the onboarded cloud solution. The transition exercise resulted in 30% TCO savings, 99.99% uptime, enhanced productivity, and uncompromised security via automation-powered preventive healing.

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Key Accelerators

Certified SAP ERP on AWS
cloud expert and Global
premium supplier of

AWS Centres of

Cost-optimized cloud
infrastructure leveraging
industry best practices

End-to-end AIOps-driven
Managed Services with
Proprietary Automation

Advanced security with Intelligent
Self Healing Operations Platform
(SHOP) - predict and prevent risks
automatically before they occur