The Client

Rainbow Hospitals is an Indian chain of Paediatric Hospitals headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The Rainbow Hospital Group currently operates out of eleven locations across India - six in Hyderabad, two in Vijayawada, two in Bengaluru, and one in Delhi. Rainbow Hospitals’ flagship facility at Banjara Hills comprises four intensive care units for maternity, pediatric and neonatal care as well as an outpatient clinic.

The Challenge

While Rainbow Hospitals’ private data handling with a private cloud limited them in upgrades and impacting day-to-day operations such as billing. They required a cloud infrastructure or a future-proof and scalable solution that has the capability to support all of their technological initiatives at affordable rates and can waive off their concerns about compliance, security, and privacy issues.

The Solution

Rainbow’s critical hospital applications like HIS, HRMS and SAP, had been running on private cloud for which a detailed migration blueprint chalking out their journey to the public cloud was made. The migration was implemented with a right size-right fit approach ensuring strong governance with Role-Based Access Control.

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Key Accelerators

RPA certified experts SAP Migration Factory
Benchmark RPA solutions Enterprise Application Hosting
Experience in building RPA solutions Managed Security Services Portfolio
Cross-industry experience Security and Firewall