Backed by 23 years of experience, Rainbow Hospitals is a premier multi-specialty pediatric and OB/GYN chain of hospitals, with 16 hospitals and 3 clinics in 6 cities. Their pediatric services encompass newborn and maternal critical care, multi-specialty pediatric care, and pediatric quaternary care (including multi-organ transplants). Rainbow Hospitals use a doctor engagement model that ensures that key specialists are available at the hospitals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Challenge

Rainbow Hospitals already used AWS Cloud to run its existing Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) and SAP workloads. To further enhance its operational efficiency, Cloud4C proposed an AWS WAR review. This review helped Rainbow Hospitals gain complete visibility into three areas of improvement mainly related to operational excellence and security.

The Solution

Cloud4C experts suggested a set of recommendations to ensure that Rainbow's cloud infra performed at its optimal level. The hospital implemented AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and security tools like Amazon Inspector and Amazon Guard to strengthen its security posture. Additionally, Rainbow Hospitals also established AWS WAR best practices to run its operations without any disruptions and maintain compliance with the latest regulations and industry standards.

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AWS Growth

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