The Client

A leading integrated construction and infrastructure development firm, Ramky Infra is the flagship business under the famed Ramky Group engaged in numerous infra development and construction projects including industrial parks, commercial and residential properties, and retail properties. Commanding a considerable presence across 25 locations, the firm envisioned leveraging the full transformative prowess of cloud to fast-track growth.

The Challenge

Existing, on-premise legacy IT infra and complicated SAP-based ERP systems proved to be a deterrent to the client’s rapid growth aspirations. The absence of a stringent failover-failback mechanism further thwarted delivery continuity and led to rising operational costs. Ramky Infra was in dire need of a revamped SAP on Cloud IT infra that promised hyper scalability, reduced manual efforts, and truncated overall expenses.

The Solution

Post an in-depth cloud readiness assessment, Cloud4C resolved to migrate existing SAP ERP workloads to S/4 HANA and re-design the entire IT architecture on Google Cloud Platform, customized to deliver hyper agility, scalability, and world-class data security. AIOps-enabled GCP managed services with native cloud tools extended the much-needed task automation and intelligent workflow management capabilities for the client. Delivered at a record pace, the zero-friction GCP migration journey resulted in 30% TCO reduction, 99.9% uptime, increased ROI, and uninterrupted operational continuity.

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Key Accelerators

GCP CAF Assessment enabling Ramky to understand the cloud readiness of infrastructure

SAP on Cloud Migration Factory streamlining the shift from ECC to S/4HANA

End-to-end GCP migration consulting delivering business aligned growth

AIOps-enabled GCP managed services with frameworks as per ITIL, ITSM, COBIT, Six Sigma, PMI, SSR, etc