The Client

A real estate behemoth, the firm boasts a major share of Canada and the USA’s commercial real estate market. Despite being valued at over 30 billion dollars, the organization has shown a commendable growth appetite, embracing cutting-edge techno-solutions to streamline IT administration, organization security, and innovative customer offerings.

The Challenge

The client harboured a legacy, on-prem infrastructure that failed to cope up with the complicated, large-scale global operations. Suffering from frequent outages, latency issues, and disorganized data management, the firm resolved to transition the entire landscape to Azure Cloud. A proven managed service partner with competent technical and support expertise deemed mandatory to accomplish the project without disturbing the client’s stringent security policies and networks.

The Solution

Cloud4C securely migrated the enterprise’s business-critical applications and systems on a tailored, highly available, and compliant Azure architecture that allowed seamless access efficiency to the global workforce. Enterprise-grade security tools safeguarded the client’s systems 24/7 with ease including its hypercomplex networks. Acting as a dedicated advisory partner, Cloud4C analyzed the client’s entire Azure landscape to optimize functionalities and minimize costs up to 64%! The successful deployment shot down average security response times to less than 2 hours promising zero threats, maintained 99.95% uptime, and delivered 100% visibility for ultra-agile operations management.

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Key Accelerators

RPA certified experts Zero disruption migration to cloud leveraging the industry-leading Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).
Benchmark RPA solutions 600+ certified Azure experts with comprehensive Azure Managed Services expertise end-to-end.
Experience in building RPA solutions Optimized delivery model supported by robust ITIL, ITSM, CoBIT methodologies.
Cross-industry experience Multi-skill, multi-technology expertise including Managed Cybersecurity, DR, SAP on Azure.