The Client

India-based SAS Tech Studio offers cloud-centered, advanced enterprise applications for businesses to meet their operational and service needs. They call themselves a consumer-centric organization with a primary focus on Meditech, Consumer Wellness, Neo Banking, and Fintech streams.

The Challenge

Their traditional development ecosystem required custom designs for operational environments for every service or product rolled out. Deployment agility powered by a universal cloud-centered DevOps backend was a necessity. It was expensive and slower compared to market standards. SAS Tech was also unable to optimize its development and delivery costs across clients, and their existing custom-architected legacy operational environments suffered from security and governance issues. Containerization and microservices were the viable options for revisiting the development principles.

The Solution

Cloud4C deployed and integrated AWS CodePipeline to automate the firm’s continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows. Using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), developers started automated deployment, running, and administration of underlying infrastructure running the DevOps ecosystem. Microservices for software solutions and applications using Docker containers that ran on Amazon EC2 instances utilizing the powerful AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) ensured that all applications could now be operated and delivered across any client environment with zero disruption.

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Key Accelerators

RPA certified experts World’s largest application-focused MSP and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
Benchmark RPA solutions Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services
Experience in building RPA solutions 4000+ transformation stories across 26 nations
Cross-industry experience 2000+ cloud experts, 25 Centers of Excellence
Cross-industry experience Dedicated DevSecOps practices with Self-healing Threat Management