The Client

The client, a nodal government entity was the first to move to Azure. Microsoft wanted a highly reliable implementation partner, with proven expertise and experience in migrating critical landscapes at scale. The team delivered a pathbreaking solution design, acknowledged as a new chapter in Azure Migration strategies by Microsoft.

The Challenge

There were over 300 VMs, multiple server platforms, diverse databases and complex networks, to be migrated on Azure. Massive customization was required to replicate the existing landscape functionalities on cloud. They wanted to access integrated data, expedite threat detection and increase automation in Threat Detection and Remediation while optimizing infrastructure maintenance for their IT Security teams.

The Solution

Cloud4C conducted a customized workshop to let the client know the benefits of Azure Sentinel, help in categorization of workloads, figuring out the alerts, demonstrate advanced threat detection and modelling.The security architecture on cloud was designed with adherence to Azure Security Center (ASC) policies and guidelines. The solution architecture designed went through multiple quality checks before being rolled out in the live environment.

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Key Accelerators

Azure Expert MSP

Azure Native Security Tools

Global Regulatory Compliance Portfolio

Managed Security Services