The Client

London-based TimeOut, a leading global media and entertainment company specializes in digital events, cultural functions, and publishings, catering to over 240 million active monthly users in 39 countries. Its digital presence extends into live events, magazines, websites, mobile applications, and other diversified markets

The Challenge

TimeOut’s exhaustive user base required an efficient IT infrastructure for seamless operations. However, the existing cloud infra was complex, constrained, and expensive. Envisioning into larger markets like Saudi Arabia, the client desperately needed a scalable, high-performance cloud event management platform that could host all its events uniformly without user experience disruption, while being stringently compliant to data localization, sovereignty, and information security policies in the country.

The Solution

As an experienced AWS cloud managed service and cloud consulting provider, Cloud4C facilitated TimeOut’s migration to a cost-efficient and high-performance AWS-powered cloud system in record time with 0% data loss and 100% transparency. A well-architected seamless solution, the platform offered extreme scalability, diligent compliance with active monitoring infrastructure that enabled the client to not only successfully layout its services in the KSA but also extend to other geographies with rapidity.

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Key Accelerators

RPA certified experts Expert 24 x 7 x 365 Cloud Managed Service and Cloud Consulting
Benchmark RPA solutions Duly Compliant with Data Compliance and Sovereignty
Building RPA solutions Certified AWS Managed
Building RPA solutions Proven acumen in managed security service and cyber-resilience