The Client

The client is a financial institution owned, based, and dedicated to serving the UAE people. This three-decade-old entity is one of UAE’s largest banks by assets commanding a revenue of over 3.2 billion AED. Since 2020, they have launched 79 digital services and are constantly coming up with a wide variety of market-leading financial products and services.

The Challenge

The client faced strict directives on local data residency, multi-region disaster recovery plan, and other central bank regulations from the UAE’s banking system. The client needed to migrate to a cloud infrastructure with local hosting to adhere to these challenges. The situation was complicated as the bank was working with multiple partners to achieve multiple purposes but could not host their solutions under one framework and gain the best performance they were aiming for.

The Solution

As an Azure Expert MSP, Cloud4C brought in its Azure expertise to vet the existing architecture according to immediate needs and best practices. The banking solution partner team also ran thorough cost-optimization reviews and dedicated dry runs. Cloud4C leveraged and integrated multiple Azure-native to handle all unique scenarios, payable as used.

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