A disaster could cost you a fortune. It’s time to take back control.

Extended remote working in the light of the current pandemic is posing many challenges to your cloud and on-premise infrastructure. On the bright side, it is a call to stay resilient for seamless business continuity.

How do you tackle the rising cyber attacks and unexpected downtime that could cost you your bottom line? Or a hardware failure that might force you to compromise on end customer delight? You need the support of a stringent disaster recovery (DR) solution to function efficiently, while losing nothing and saving more.

Enter AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts is a one stop solution for all your business continuity needs. AWS Outposts empowers your organization with real-time flow of data, zero downtime and more.

You gain the advantages of cloud based DR, on-premise with advanced protection against cyber attacks. Your data is recovered to an AWS server and a seismic zone server of your choice with primary DC in one location and AWS Outposts in preferred regions.

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Cloud4C Advantages with AWS Outposts

business continuity


Zero data loss and
robust solutions to
prevent revenue loss

Desired RTO/RPO

and much more

AWS Outposts gives you:

  • DR Solutions Aligned with Industry Vertical Requirements and Organization’s BCP Policies
  • Best-of-breed Technology Stack
  • End-to-end Ownership with DR SLA
  • Reduced TCO and Better RPO/RTO
  • Seismic Zone Separation and Data Residency and more