A brave new citizen-led world demands a secure approach to public sector technologies.

Government agencies are more inclined towards avoiding security vulnerabilities, poor software performance, and ensuring service reliability, reducing delivery risks. Access to critical data across borders also poses data sovereignty challenges for any government.

To build trust as a successful government, you must secure and modernize your applications to ease accessibility for citizens. Today’s citizens demand nothing less.

You need AWS Outposts to deliver unmatched performance, manage critical data locally in the edge locations, and redefine the way the public sector operates.

Enter AWS Outposts

AWS provides a secure hybrid cloud environment overcoming the gaps of security, data residency and latency. It enables government research organizations to utilize AWS database, analytics, machine learning services for data visualization and simulations locally to increase productivity.

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AWS Outposts gives you:

  • Additional data analysis and long-term storage
  • Interactive image analysis closer to the edge locations
  • Secured on-premises storage of critical information
  • Seamless transfer of data to cloud
  • Infrastructure enabling disaster recovery, security and compliance
  • Benchmark ultra-low-latency for unmatched performance
  • Datacenter expertise in managing workloads on-premise
  • Pay-as-you-go model for cost optimization
  • Seismic zone separation with in-country infrastructure hosting support

Cloud4C Advantages with AWS Outposts

2000+ certified cloud experts

AIOps powered managed services based on ITIL for continuous improvement

Industry and region-specific compliance for audit readiness

12+ years of expertise in managed cloud services

Cloud service provider to over 3,500 global customers