A fast-paced manufacturing sector, for a fast-paced world. It’s time.

The manufacturing sector has been facing age-old legacy system roadblocks like latency, disorganized production, and hindrance to business continuity that delay enterprise growth and efficiency.

As a leading manufacturing enterprise with a global presence, you have heterogeneous applications hosted on-premise that need low latency and faster data processing for informed decision making. Workloads must be effortlessly managed for faster GTM and maximized production.

You need to be on par with new-age, fast paced business ambitions with ultra low-latency, top security caliber and uninterrupted business continuity.

Enter AWS Outposts

With AWS Outposts, accelerate production lines with centralized data and streamlined processes. It offers all the benefits of cloud, on-premise, to enable the manufacturing sector to modernize their applications for improved business continuity.

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AWS Outposts gives you:

  • Workload integration for efficiency and ultra low-latency
  • Compliance to data residency laws
  • Faster GTM
  • Disaster recovery solution with ease of seismic zone separation
  • Hybrid cloud experience
  • Advanced security and operational consistency
  • Datacenter expertise in managing workloads on-premise
  • Pay-as-you-go model for cost optimization.

Cloud4C Advantages with AWS Outposts

2000+ certified cloud experts

AIOps powered managed services based on ITIL for continuous improvement

Industry and region-specific compliance for audit readiness

12+ years of expertise in managed cloud services

Cloud service provider to over 3,500 global customers