The Client

An American IT behemoth, UST Global delivers trendsetting, end-to-end IT services and solutions for Global 1000 companies. The organization boasts a multinational presence with over a thousand enterprise clients and 500 million dollar annual revenues. The firm’s top-notch offerings around the globe are pillared on its ISO 27001 certified, PCMM Level 5 data centres paired with efficient, Six Sigma client-facing processes.

The Challenge

Witnessing the explosive increase in the adoption of digital services and solutions worldwide, UST Global justifiably predicted a significant rise in user traffic that could result in security lags, performance outage with the current infra in hand. Determining that developing brand new infrastructure was immensely expensive, UST Global was on the lookout for a reliable cloud managed services and cloud consulting partner that would help the firm in seamless migration to a more advanced, highly-scalable, performance-efficient, and secure cloud platform; modernized IT on Cloud.

The Solution

Leveraging its global expertise in top-notch AWS Managed Services, Cloud4C migrated UST Global’s assets to an advanced AWS solution optimized for high-performance and enriched with advanced security protocols and compliance. The solution was also equipped with auto-scaling functionality and harnessed the latest applications from AWS to streamline traffic management across a diverse geographical range. The result was a world-class solution highlighting 99.995% uptime, zero application threats, less than 2-hour security incident response time, and a 50% reduction in O&M costs.

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Key Accelerators

Cloud Managed Services World-class cloud managed services with 2000+ certified cloud experts globally
Cloud Consulting Dedicated Centres of Excellence with 24*7 Cloud Consulting and Support
AWS Managed Service Certified AWS Managed Service Provider
Global Enterprise Customers 3500+ Global Enterprise Customers