The Client

A leading digital marketing agency, ValueLeaf Services Pvt. Ltd holds expertise in advanced digital marketing solutions and services to assist enterprises in conversion-centric advertising and contextual audience communication management. With an experience spanning over 11 industry sectors, ValueLeaf had embraced a cloud-centered solution to enable multi-platform offerings, seamless client collaboration, and efficient data management

The Challenge

Though already on the cloud journey, the existing AWS cloud infrastructure proved to be non-scalable, expensive, and a hindrance to the brand’s rapid growth plans. In addition, ValueLeaf incurred significant governance problems between cloud-IT infra management and core operations. This further stalled progress and it became imperative to find a trusted Cloud Managed Service and Cloud Consulting provider that could effectively guide them through the cloud strategy, optimize IT costs, and free ValueLeaf to stringently focus on core operations.

The Solution

Post thorough analysis of the client’s requirements and leveraging its expertise in industry-best AWS Managed Services, Cloud4C restructured ValueLeaf’s entire cloud strategy to align better with the latest industry standards. The now advanced AWS-powered solution specifically focused on delivering high uptime, enhanced workload performance, and business continuity. Cloud4C also assigned a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) for ValueLeaf who would be the SPOC for all cloud-centered queries. This eventually led to 25% resource management efficiency, 75% ROI enhancement, and fool-proof 100% customer engagement.

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Key Accelerators

Expert Cloud Managed Service and Cloud Consulting Provider with 24*7*365 support

Certified AWS Managed Service experts with 10+ years of experience

Comprehensive managed security services portfolio

ROI-focused cloud solutions and services