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Bain and Company, in its 2019 study, showed that 84% of organizations surveyed believed that their on-premises workloads were overprovisioned. Until recently, that was the only way to prevent system crashes or any unpredictable spike in demand. But in 2021, organizations can no longer afford such additional resource capacities, thanks to cloud.

Migrating enterprise workloads is easier said than done. Of all the 5 methods of migration, Lift and Shift emerged as a popular choice for its minimal risk factors and faster time to production. But the need for faster innovation, real-time response and minimal downtime is pushing enterprises to look beyond Lift and Shift and seek an approach that will help them optimize their existing infrastructure, applications and workloads while moving to the cloud a.k.a. Lift and Optimize.

Lift and Optimize, unlike Lift and Shift, is an intelligent and optimized strategy for migrating applications and workloads from on-premises to the cloud. While Lift and Shift creates exact copies of the workloads in the cloud without changing any aspect, Lift and Optimize transforms an organization’s underlying infrastructure by choosing the best instance type and storage capacity based on the utilization history. The strategy is almost always tailored to the exact business needs and it ensures real savings by rationalizing computing and storage capacities.

Being a leader in cloud services, Cloud4C has played a pivotal role in materializing enterprises’ cloud migration journey. With proven expertise in enterprise cloud migration, our experts came together to identify the best practices, areas of risks, use cases, successful roadmap, and more to construct a comprehensive guidebook.

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