Re-imagining Banking
of the future:
A comprehensive report

Risk-proof and Transform Mission-critical
Banking Ecosystems on Cloud


An hour of downtime costs an average of $9.3 million U.S. dollars per hour in the banking/finance industry, needless to mention about the lost consumer confidence and damaged reputations in a sector where trust is the cornerstone of doing business.

The sun never sets for modern banking. Today’s consumers demand fintech innovations, online banking, and personalized services on their fingertips without a second’s worth of delay, 24/7. And, banks must modernize their core IT infrastructure to make this possible; consumer-facing solutions and apps should be available anytime, anywhere frictionless. While the answer is definitely on the cloud, it’s easier said than accomplished. Banks, operating on large-scale, hypercomplex legacy mission-critical infrastructure could cautiously deem fit to invest in marginal improvements, security enhancements rather than full-scale IT transformation on the cloud.

Is this a trade-off between neo-age consumer experience and risk mitigation? Well, with a standardized cloud strategy and the correct implementation partner, that need not be, even for the most critical assets and workloads. Read our latest whitepaper to discover more. Read stories on how banks are using cloud for customer-focused digital innovations, boundary-less personalized experiences at consistently highest availability from infrastructure till app login layer, utmost security and compliance, and zero disruption to business as usual.

Agile innovation and stringent risk mitigation can go hand-in-hand on cloud, with mission-critical cloud specialists like Cloud4C.

Unlock and De-risk the future of banking on Cloud
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