• Web Antivirus and Web Antispyware services to help Customer in detecting Viruses and Spyware in response to the Requests for Web pages and attachments issued by Customer’s users
  • Web URL Filtering services to help prevent access to certain Web pages or attachments, by Customer’s users (in line with Customer’s access restriction policy).

MSS for WEB security is intended to help Customer enforce an appropriate computer use policy.

How does it work? (How Solution would be Deployed)

A Gartner MQ leader virtual appliance-based solution would be deployed in CLOUD 4C MSS DC and Entire customer network would be connected via either MPLS/ P2P or Internet VPN to provide WEB security services with DDOS protected Internet Bandwidth. WEB security would include below solution components:

Web proxy server

Web Content / URL static as well as dynamic Reputationbased filtering

Anti-Malware (Optional)

Web Security As A Service

  • Real-time antivirus, malware, spyware, and adware protection.
  • URL filtering using pre-defined categories
  • Content blocking with the option for time-based rules.
  • Integration with LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Incorporates web-based application filtering.
  • Supports whitelists and blacklists by user wise.
  • Contains a comprehensive reporting suite
  • Increase uptime levels through 24x7 management & monitoring by experienced security engineers

Service Deliverables

  • Deploying & configuring WEB security along with proxy server solution virtual appliances.
  • Integrating with AD for user authentication or SSO
  • Weekly WEB security Status Standard report per host as well as per user basis
  • Weekly Top 10 heavy browsers report
  • lf critical malware files detected alert notification via Email 24x7 basis
  • 24x7x365 days Continues WEB security service
  • Additional services Days as SLA remedy
  • Remediation help at additional charge
  • Effective Protection against Ransom ware


  • 40+ Security Controls

  • 12 Years of Proven Experience With Special Reference to Managed Cloud Security

  • Global presence in 35 Countries

  • More than 3500 enterprises

  • Dedicated SOCs

  • Single SLA up to application login layer

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