The Client

Cater Allen is a leading private bank in the UK and a subsidiary of Santander. Incorporated in 1816, the bank offers banking services including accounts checking, saving deposits, term loans services, etc, to personal, business, trust, pension providers, professional advisers, and other clients. The bank has a strong base of customers, acquired via third-party financial intermediaries.

The Challenge

With its unique business model and client-focused banking services, the bank envisioned delivering simple and transparent banking solutions. This demanded a transform of the legacy banking platform while establishing itself as a digital-first, consumer-centric bank. Migrating rigid and siloed infra without disrupting the core banking process was challenging. Additionally, specific mission-critical apps required regulatory compliances to function in the region. They were keen for a trusted cloud service provider who supported them to drive digital transformation at scale.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis, Cloud4C deployed the Bank-in-a-box for a highly secure and scalable banking platform that facilitated core banking processes. Cloud4C experts transitioned web-hosted apps to a secured platform for high availability with 40+ security controls, and disaster-proof robust technology stack. The whole solution was globally-compliant and aimed to drive frictionless business growth.

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Key Accelerators

Cost-effective, seamless end-to-end banking experience
Zero-disrupted migration, TCO savings with OpEx model
Built a highly scalable architecture adhering to global regulatory compliances
Delivered a robust and unique compute model supporting dynamic workloads