Cloud4C 4Copy Cloud
The World’s Only 4Copy Cloud - with built in High Availability,
Disaster Recovery & Backup
Why Choose Cloud4C?
4 Copy Cloud
  • 2 Copy Sync in Primary Zone, Async Copy for DR at Zone-2 & Snapshot based backup Zone-3.
Instant Deployment
  • Allows you to Choose from Multiple VM configurations and create your Cloud Instance in Minutes.
Load Balancing
  • Create/Terminate VM’s, Horizontal/Vertical Scaling, Customize Capacity, Add-ons Load Balancers, Support, Billing and more.
  • Enhanced Features like OTP, Multi-Factor Authentication, Role Based Access Control, Virtual Firewall, HIDS, DDOS, SIEM, SOC, WAF, VA&PT.
Real Time Monitoring
  • More than 175 applications including Server, OS, DB, latency/network routing, Middleware services with 3500+ parameters.
Flexible Pricing
  • Leverage from our Hourly Pay per Use Model or reserve for Light, Medium and Heavy Usage on Prepaid Model.
Storage Options
  • Choose from multiple Options as per I/O Requirement like, SSD, SAS, Object Storage, Archival Storage, Hadoop.
Pre-Installed Templates
  • Choose from a Variety of Pre-Installed Templates to Instantly Provision VM’s using preconfigured OS, DB and Add-ons.
Support Services
  • 24/7 Availability of Experts to cater Request TT Based Ticketing System including Change Requests and Customizable TAT’s.
Tier 4 Certified
  • Highest Standard of Infra in Engineering, Architectural & Electrical Parameters. 2 (n + 1) Redundancies for Highest Uptime SLA.
CDN and Connectivity
  • Career Neutral Connectivity, High Capacity, Peering with NIXI & Gateways, Dark Fibre, more than 200 Edge Locations for CDN.
  • Certified Tier 4, ISO - 20000-1, ISO – 27001, ISO – 22301, ITIL, PCI DSS, Audit Ready.
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