The client is Government government’s financial regulatory authority responsible for capital markets for one of the countries in MEA. It applies full financial, legal, and administrative independence, and has direct links with the Prime Minister. Its responsibilities include setting and policing financial rules and regulations and developing the capital markets, this includes regulating the country’s stock stock exchange.

In their endeavour to promote innovation, both in terms of business application and the technological method of deployment, they wanted to move its key application, SharePoint to OCI.

Cloud4C’s association with them started there and post the migration we started offering managed services with a single SLA right from the infra layer to the App admin layer.

By strengthening their IT ecosystem with OCI and Cloud4C, the client, today, is able to roll out schemes designed to develop innovation in the fintech sector. They are now receiving applications from FinTechs which will allow providers of relevant products and services to test their business models within specific criteria, time and regulatory requirements.

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Risk free migration and management of their key business application, Sharepoint
Single SLA from Infra layer to App admin layer freed their internal teams to focus on business objectives rather than app outages
Zero disruption to business due to elevated App uptimes