The Client

Established a few decades back in the Middle East, the client enterprise has emerged as a global leader in energy exploration and production, oil refining and gas processing, petrochemicals, energy logistics and more. The enterprise is a key enabler of the industry’s transformation, a driver of the Middle East and global energy economy, and a committed supporter for decarbonization efforts.

The Challenge

Considering the size of the organization, the client required the highest levels of cybersecurity, governance, and compliance management. Although the energy leader had already initiated its digital transformation with SAP ERP, a significant part of the solutions stack was running on-prem. That resulted in multiple challenges and operational complexities across the entire value chain of the vast ecosystem, requiring specific solutions for dedicated use cases. The client did not just require moving its SAP applications to the cloud but a thoroughly revamped architecture with the highest uptime from infra to the application login layer.

The Solution

Cloud4C was roped in for its demonstrated technology excellence for SAP ecosystems. Along with specialized SAP business solutions, Cloud4C helped the firm move their SAP assets to a dedicated private cloud-like architecture under the best-in-class RISE with SAP model. It took complete ownership of running the architecture at 99.9% availability and delivering the most advanced cybersecurity solutions and managed security services. Cloud4C managed to bind the requirements of the large and complex ecosystem into a single cost-effective SLA from infra to the application login layer.

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Key Accelerators

Premium global supplier of SAP HEC and RISE with SAP Partner
550+ successful SAP deployments till date
AIOps-powered end-to-end SAP managed operations
Up to 99.95% availability, single SLA from infra till app login layer