The Client

The renowned digital bank delivers an all-in-one intelligent banking and wealth management platform for enterprise professionals and businesses. The bank envisions to transform the market with innovative, personalized financial services paired with next-gen, seamless customer experiences.

The Challenge

Such a progressive aim required a complete evolution of the underlying infrastructure for the digital bank. For successful go-live and customer adoption, the solution needed to work effortlessly at zero delays and near zero downtimes. In addition, the existing security architecture needed an upgrade too. The digital bank required the services of a trusted partner who can deploy the revamped landscape and manage it end-to-end without hassle or excessive expenses.

The Solution

Cloud4C, leveraging its global MSP expertise, performed a CAF-based assessment to explore the client’s deep technical needs. Post exercise, a tailored, globally compliant, high availability cloud architecture was designed on Azure and deployed on an IaaS model, augmented with 18 major Azure-native services. Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, EDR and other solutions were swiftly integrated for proactive security and maintenance. In addition, Cloud4C deployed a dedicated NOC and SOC team that ensured seamless, disruption-free operations 24/7 at optimized costs.

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Key Accelerators

Upto 99.95% uptime
Zero risk business operations 24/7
Considerable TCO savings