The Client

Sandoll Meta Lab, the R&D subsidiary of Korea’s first typography and Korean digital font company, specializes in delivering robust font recognition, font search and recommendation, digital font NFT solutions and services. The firm has helped leading organizations across the world with customized fonts for global marketing and communication purposes.

The Challenge

A key cornerstone to Sandoll Meta Lab’s global ambitions is its breakthrough AI and Blockchain-based font cloud platform for seamless font discovery, trade, and integration. However, scaling up operations globally required the service of a hyperscale cloud platform and a trusted managed services partner to adequately implement the same. The hyperscale cloud’s native solutions would also allow Sandoll to rapidly enhance its technology innovation capabilities.

The Solution

Post thorough deliberation, Sandoll Meta Lab chose AWS as it’s cloud provider and Cloud4C as its transformation partner. Cloud4C acted as an end-to-end AWS consultant, helping Sandoll Meta Lab to deploy cutting-edge AWS native services along with cloud-powered blockchain, AI solutions to augment the firm’s core offerings. Even better, Cloud4C entered into a strategic alliance with Sandoll Meta Lab to support the latter’s global operations on cloud.

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Key Outcomes

Rapid Deployment
within Weeks

Implementation without
Business Disruption

Frictionless scalability
and agility of

Cost-effective IT Ops outcomes