The Client

One of the leading airports in the Middle East, the client hosts more than 15.4 million passengers annually with 25+ airlines. It is among the top 10 global airports in terms of punctuality and services. The client aspired to provide a remarkable customer experience while advancing its service competencies. For this, enhancing airport management and gaining operational excellence were critical needs.

The Challenge

The client was grappling with outdated, on-prem infra that impacted application performance and uptime. As the airport operation apps integrated with multiple government-operated sources, the host website was vulnerable to security and compliance issues. Harnessing real-time data to get actionable business intelligence and streamline airport operations was a necessity. They needed optimized cloud services and advanced airport management applications to meet prompted competency.

The Solution

Cloud4C deployed Azure PaaS to modernize on-prem workloads that were segmented in a 3-tier microservices architecture. The airport application management lifecycle was completely automated with AIOps and DevOps integration. Integrating the client infra with government and third-party applications made data management easier. The client was able to gain high-performing apps and scalability with a pay-as-you-grow model.

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Key Accelerators

99.9% application uptime and business continuity
Automated application lifecycle management
Optimized cost with pay-as-you-grow pricing model
DR-ready solution on Azure with stringent RPO/RTO