The Client

Rainbow Hospitals are a leading chain of multi-specialty pediatric, and OB/GYN hospitals in India. What started out as a small hospital in Hyderabad has now metamorphosized into a healthcare powerhouse, enjoying a strong presence across 6 cities with 15 hospitals and 6 clinics. By building a remarkable 20-year-old legacy in maternal and pediatric care, their blend of medical expertise and modern technologies deliver best-in-class treatment and care to their patients. With dedicated experts available round-the-clock, Rainbow Hospitals have always taken pride in putting the needs of their patients first. More than just a hospital, it is a shining beacon of hope that has blessed many families with the true joy of parenthood.

The Challenge

Rainbow Hospitals hosted their IT infrastructure in legacy datacenters. Not only they caused serious revenue leakages, but they also prevented the hospital to leverage digital transformation capabilities. Their IT infrastructure could not deploy scalable healthcare applications, let alone any new technologies and services. As a result, the hospital failed to modernize their healthcare services. Besides, their inaccessibility to critical healthcare data and inability to leverage insights hindered Rainbow from personalizing care treatments. Additionally, their heavy reliance on legacy databases and improper backup solutions contributed to bad patient experiences and huge data losses.

The Solution

As a chosen managed services partner of Rainbow Hospitals, Cloud4C assessed the on-prem environment with the help of AWS migration evaluator. By doing so, we created two migration roadmaps for their databases and application servers on AWS for improved performance, scalability and compliance. We assisted the hospital to store its mission-critical health data on a SAP HANA database to protect it from data loss. The hospital deployed CloudWatch (Platform level) and Zabbix (OS Level) for an end-to-end visibility into core hospital operations with integrated alerts to Cloud4C ITSM. If that’s not all, they also enabled FortiGate Firewall with HA and VPN-based accessibility for increased security and data privacy. With AMS configured configuration for application server continuity, Cloud4C helped the hospital reduce its infra costs by 30% with 40% savings projection in the next 5 years.

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Key Outcomes

30% reduction in infra costs with projection of 40% TCO savings in the next 5 years

Uninterrupted continuity of mission-critical workloads

Fool-proof Migration to AWS at zero disruption

Zero missed alerts with ITSM integration

24/7 monitoring of the entire cloud stack