About client

The client is a leading international logistics company helping customers reach new markets and expand their business, irrespective of location. The company is agile and innovative in its customer offerings. Considering that, it wanted to migrate to a smart cloud platform for hyper scalable experiences, with increased security, and reduced manual efforts.


The client had a complex on-prem set-up which proved to be a deterrent to their customers’ rapid growth aspirations. It required quick access to data at application level. This was achievable only through advanced cloud migration. Furthermore, having early experience with Azure platform, the client required a cloud managed service provider with strong Azure and SAP expertise. Protection of existing business assets and business continuity during the migration was vital.


After a comprehensive cloud assessment, Cloud4C migrated the client’s existing workloads to Azure for ease of maintenance and cross-functionality. While redesigning the entire IT architecture on Azure, Cloud4C prioritized hyper agility, scalability, and data security. This resulted in significant TCO reduction, 99.5% uptime, and increased ROI with maximum operational continuity. With automated threat detection, the client unlocked improved elasticity, efficiency, security and innovation.

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Key Results

High 99.5%

Significant reduction
in IT expenses

Zero business

Advanced security