Historically, the BFSI industry has been lukewarm to the idea of a network transformation. The eagerness to switch to a cost-efficient network that is less difficult to manage yet offers better visibility and more security has seen resistance due to the stringent regulatory and security norms.

Yet, in the last couple of years, the sector has witnessed an accelerated pace of adoption driven by the rise of cloud and digital banking as well as changing customer behavior. The disrupted landscape has pushed traditional players to reimagine their legacy network infrastructure and that makes SD-WAN the natural choice for them.

Although advanced SD-WAN offers real solutions to some of the key challenges faced by BFSI institutions, the success depends on the deployment of this new-age network connectivity solution. Thus, for the banking and financial players to realize the potentials of SD-WAN, they must define specific use cases. We are diving deep into the six use cases that elaborate how the BFSI sector can deploy SD-WAN to stay relevant, compliant and ahead of the curve in this digital era.

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Key Takeaways

5 key challenges
faced by
BFSI industry

Digital transformation
challenges hindering
BFSI’s growth

use cases for the
BFSI organizations

What makes Cloud4C
SD-WAN the ideal choice
for BFSI industry