Leverage Automation Intelligence to Unlock next-generation Business Growth
Gartner predicts that 70-75% of business dataflow would occur on the cloud by 2022. This speaks volumes about the relevance of data in modern organizational strategies. Businesses that can center operations on data-based approaches would dictate markets and be potential leaders in the long run. Hence, effective data generation, intelligent processing, and informative decision-making remain the key transformative actionable for global enterprises.

On that note, workflow is one of the critical sectors to achieve operational excellence. Mission-critical workflows generate humongous amounts of data which, effectively processed, can steer a firm to unprecedented growth curves. An intelligent ERP system can automate key functionalities, relieve excessive manual dependencies, enhance output effeciencies, and arm the firm with analytical decision-making capabilities.

The following webinar brought to you by industry stalwarts from Cloud4C, Microsoft Azure, and SNP details the transformative prowess of SAP systems and applications on Azure. Learn about the ground-breaking Switch2Cloud, an end-to-end Azure experience package dedicated to SAP implementations. Dive deep into its innovative automation features, high-security AI-driven applications, and the key business accelerators promising hyper scalable, cost-effective, and resilient growth.

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Insights from the Webinar

Realize the innovative transformation prowess of SAP on Azure with Cloud4C.

Inspect the ground-breaking Cloud4C Switch2Cloud, a services package delivering an end-to-end Azure experience right from migration to managed services and SNP’s BLUEFIELDTM approach for SAP S/4HANA implementations.

Explore a No Capex-driven, risk-free path to move to a compliant, cost-optimized, scalable platform for your SAP and HANA workloads.

Learn the automation intelligence benefits of SAP services on Azure, powered by AIOps, DevOps, and RPA.

Benchmark against the top industry standards and gain the best SAP on Azure practices from our top clients.

The Esteemed Panelists: