Organizations are working remotely due to the ongoing global threat.


Employees at various companies quoted the ability to work from anwhere as their top perk


Executives agree that the amount of time, money and resources spent on IT maintenance is affecting the overall competitiveness of their organizations

Why VDI for Today’s Enterprise



Over 95% of cyber attacks originate at the end point. With VDI you gain more control over your environment, potentially eliminating any threats to your end points and network.


VDI enables you to ensure high availability of your workloads, meet SLAs and provide an enhanced as well as consistent user experience across devices.

Total Cost

VDI experts from Cloud4C can demonstrate how you can save on implementation, deployment, licensing, and overall management so you witness visible reduction in TCO.

Embrace the Future of Work Now!

Cloud4C’s VDI Services help you deploy virtualized desktops across your end-user workforce to enhance the user experience, increase security and decrease costs across your organization.

Learn how Cloud4C VDI experts can simplify implementation, reduce deployment time and help you realize the full benefits of VDI for your organization.

Choose Your
Virtualization Pack

Freedom to choose from multiple virtualization services pack depending upon the usage and number of users.

Single Desktop

Dedicated Virtual Machines for main users with critical usage requirements.

Pooled Desktop

Assign a Single Desktop to a pool of users and efficiently manage the load of your virtual machines.

Multi-Session Desktop

Target lower costs by pooling multi-session resources and reduce the number of virtual machines in your environment.

Key VDI Services from Cloud4C

Assessment of
Workforce needs

During our Discovery workshop, we align the needs of the business with IT services and support, identify individual’s needs while ensuring excellent user experience for each and optimized device/employee alignment and spend for Desktop as a Service.

VDI Design

Using assessment data, we deliver a VDI blueprint and Landing Zone design based on referenced architecture, budget and schedule for a successful outcome on Windows virtual desktop, etc.

VDI Deployment

Implementation of the design to accelerate deployment so users get the benefits of VDI with little to no delay and guaranteed success on Citrix, Microsoft using Azure RDP.

VDI Health Check

Diagnose and troubleshoot virtual desktop environments including Azure virtual desktop.


A Leading Private Bank Gains Pandemic
Proof Operations with a swift
VDI Solution deployment

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Cloud4C’s Phase Wise Approach and Faster Implementations

Cloud4C’s Phase Wise Approach

Our Differentiatiors

  • Intelligent Managed services powered by AIOps
  • High availability with Single SLA at Application layer
  • Multi-cloud Management platform
  • Pre-met compliance to local regulatory and industry specific frameworks and guidelines on any cloud platform

We subscribed Cloud4C's cloud services to support our critical applications, and right from the word go, they delivered services surpassing our expectations. We would summarize our total experience with Cloud4C as Exemplary.

Harmandeep Singh
Group Head - IT | Rainbow Children's Hospital

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