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What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN is a secure, flexible and cost-effective networking solution that frees enterprises from the complex task of managing multi-branch-site connectivity across a wider geographical scale.

Today’s multi-cloud era demands a next-gen network

93% Businesses use multiple cloud platforms
14.4Bn Number of connected devices in 2022
297% Growth in maximum DDoS attack size in 2021
92% Enterprises suffered financial loss from network outages
Convergence of Networking & Security The way for multi-cloud to reach full potential
24% Reported decrease in MPLS usage from 2019 to 2020
88.3% Enterprises want more secure remote connectivity
90.5% Believe SD-WAN will replace leased lines
40.8% Want Managed Security Services in an SD-WAN offering

What happens when your enterprise WAN is not next-gen?

Lesser flexibility in
WAN management
Time consuming scaling
and configuration
Higher cost and
lower speed connectivity
security concerns
Costly IT
Data center

The amazing benefits of switching to SD-WAN

Easy to manage
Greater network
in bandwidth
Cost saving than
traditional WAN
Increase in security
Better Access
to cloud

SD-WAN adoption is clearly proving advantageous for businesses


Especially, the financial sector

6 key reasons SD-WAN is witnessing a higher adoption rate in the BFSI industry:

  • Next-gen security features
    • Centralized and scalable
    • Prioritized traffic from remote locations
    • Segmentation and zero-touch
    • Firewalls and traffic encryption
    • Seamless and secure cloud connectivity
  • Data protection and data recovery
    • Encrypted links via IPSec
    • Embedded intrusion prevention
    • Flexibility, performance and agility of multiple branch deployment
    • Stateful firewall, URL/web filtering, IPS/IDS, and more
  • Robust compliance measures
    • Security-driven networking
    • Advanced routing capabilities
    • Fully-meshed connectivity for DCs, branches and cloud environments
    • Other pre-met compliance needs
  • Branch location connectivity
    • Simplified provisioning and network management across locations
    • Better control and visibility over network
    • Greater redundancy and reliability
    • Higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Optimized bandwidth
    • Ability to do more with less
    • Increased quality of service for real-time data
    • Cost saving by switching to lower data packages
    • Ability for rural branches to use cloud-based apps without limitations
  • Self-provisioning tools and automation
    • Improved management of WAN as a singular entity
    • Ease of adding new branches to WAN
    • Single-pipe networking approach
    • Zero network hiccup, minimum disruption

Zero Trust Approach: The Added Advantage of Cloud4C SD-WAN

Cloud4C takes a Zero Trust approach to safeguard banks and other financial institutions from malicious cyber threats and financial crimes by converging SD-WAN with the industry’s best SASE (Security Access Service Edge).

SD-WAN Use Cases for BFSI Industry

Simplified network
reduced costs
Quick provisioning
of new secure
branch offices
Enhanced DR,

SD-WAN: Powering Digital Transformation in Every Industry


  • Higher uptime and availability by pooling multiple connections from multiple providers
  • End-to-end network visibility and Point-and-click conguration along with solving congestion issue
  • Easy bandwidth scaling during a promotional event to signicantly reduce strain on network resulting in an improved customer experience
  • Zero maintenance or repairing, easy upgrade
  • Easy configuration and control through a single console


  • Cloud-readiness that enables quick connection to thousands of remote sites/users
  • Multiple connectivity options for IoT devices and business-critical machines in complex environments
  • Easy management and protection through a cloud-hosted software-based controller
  • Enhanced network protection through positioning security in close proximity to branch locations
  • Fully integrated and managed services offering agility, security and scalability


  • Secure access to electronic records at the drop of a hat. Also, superior VoIP quality ensures clear conversations with representatives about e-records
  • Enhanced staff communication through easy bandwidth scaling even during peak traffic times
  • Unmatched connectivity for disruption-free medical procedures through stacked bandwidth and combined availability
  • Seamless virtual e-visits through aggregating multiple connections from different providers

How to find the right SD-WAN solution for your business?

Questions to ask yourself

What is the key business driver? Does the vendor support the same?

Can I leverage existing partnerships for a fast and seamless transition?

What pricing options work the best for my business?

Does the solution integrate well with my current enterprise network infrastructure?

Do I have the bandwidth for a DIY SD-WAN service or do I need a managed service?

To what extent will the SD-WAN partner help me in this journey

  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Security and encryption
  • Performance-based routing
  • WAN and application optimization
  • Managed services capabilities
  • 24x7 support
  • Seamless cloud security integration
  • Application visibility
  • Central management
  • Features to

SD-WAN adoption looks too complex?

Here’s an easy step-by-step approach

Step 1
Step 2
Identify site
Step 3
PoC sites
Step 4
Evaluate products
Step 5
Compare DIV vs.
managed services
Step 6
Test the proof
of concept
Step 7
the deployment
  • How to implement SD-WAN

Cloud4C: Driving Enterprise Network
Transformation for a Connected Tomorrow

  • Ensure 100% Accuracy
    Cloud4C Managed Services
    Value added services to increase efficiency and provide proactive monitoring
  • Reuse existing IT systems
    WAN Optimization
    Cost saving due to data reduction and also improved latency
  • Cross-platform integration
    Integrated Solutions
    Across different functionalities to address key concerns
  • Harness Artificial Intelligence
    Application Visibility
    Up to 12000 applications, domains and more
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation
    Integrated Firewall
    In-build zone-based firewall
  • Scalability
    SD Branch
    Able to support wireless LAN