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Leverage RPA as a Service and achieve desired and guaranteed results

RPA as a Service (RPAaaS)

Suite RPA to your needs with monthly subscriptions

A real digital transformation can be achieved only when a complete automation culture is embraced across an enterprise.

However, the Business Process Owner in the enterprises sometimes have apprehensions in their plans to adopt Robotic Process Automation.

Some of their biggest concerns are related to:

  • a. The upfront CAPEX investment for RPA
  • b. Risk of not being able to obtain the desired results.

With Cloud4C’s RPA as a Service(RPAaaS), enterprises need not invest a huge capital upfront, to experience the advantages of adopting RPA technology. They can subscribe to our monthly services and experiment with Robotic Process Automation solutions, to understand how they can benefit, and also be prepared to avoid the pitfalls of failure that may stem up after implementing RPA bots.

Demystifying RPA Subscriptions

Engagements - focused on desired outcomes

Using our RPAaaS, enterprises can scale up or scale down RPA bots as needed, ensuring maximum utilization and cost savings. At Cloud4C, we commit to stand by our customers from start to end and deliver solutions with the highest accuracy levels. Our Outcome-based payment model is a testament to our commitment to provide quality solutions with high accuracy. It also gives assurance to the business and gives them the ability to pay only when they see the desired outcome and with no long-term commitments.

At Cloud4C, we offer a range of Robotic Process Automation services and scalable Robotic Process Automation solutions for enterprises - including both fixed solution(s) as well as subscription services.

Enterprises can choose Cloud4C as their implementation partner to develop customized RPA solutions and then take over the Robots

They can also go with Cloud4C’s RPA as a Service model, where our COE(Center of Excellence) takes end-to-end ownership including - development, operations, governance, and support.

Benefits Enterprises can Bank on

Expenditure to resources - savings in all


No CAPEX involved, pay as you go, operational expenditure model


Up to 100% Accuracy based on the nature of the process


On-demand RPA bots - scale up and down based on need


100% Compliance to Regulations, Security standards


100% Continuity of Business Operations


Expert and Certified Robotic Process Automation COE team

Cloud4C RPA Center of Excellence

A four-pillar foundation of RPA best-practices

Cloud4C’s RPA Center of Excellence(COE) helps your organization reap the enormous benefits of intelligent process automation and witness accruing ROI, right from the beginning. Our Robotic Process Automation COE team is ever-ready to put your organization on the Digital transformation map. They bring in their expertise in the domain and RPA platforms & tools (iRPA, UiPath, Automation Anywhere) to deploy, manage, and extend sustainable Robotic Process Automation solutions, freeing your teams to focus on core business. Our four key pillars of COE captures the essential functions - Operations, Governance, Support & Enablement, Communication & Collaboration, and addresses every business owners’ apprehensions.

Icon for operations in RPA COE

A Cloud4C team takes up the responsibility to deploy and run the robots that perform tasks such as capturing data and uploading the data into the ERP/Custom system. Our RPAaaS service ensures that these robots are up and running 24/7, and your critical processes are not being hit. We provide RPAaaS as a monthly subscription service and takes the responsibility of business continuity, and accuracy of up to 100% is ensured for each process, based on the SLA. We also take care of data security, running the RPA bots in the customer’s infrastructure, to prevent data loss or compromise.

Our Robotic Process Automation champions oversee the entire end-to-end automation process and ensure that the mandatory compliance and regulatory needs are met. Due to our strict adherence to compliance requirements, Banks, Hospitals, etc. extensively use our RPA solutions, where this is a mandatory requirement. We also keep ourselves up-to-date about the latest developments and are adept at following all the industry's best practices. Also, as a part of our RPAaaS, we regularly review the processes and recommend the next steps in automation. Along with the business team, we measure and review the results studying the bot performance, and identify/create additional opportunities to scale Robotic Process Automation solutions across the organization.

Just like us, Robots also need health checks and nurturing to ensure that they run efficiently. We need to continuously monitor the robots and retrain if there are any changes to the process. Hence, even after onboarding the Robots, it is critical to have a team to monitor and manage these Robots. Cloud4C's RPAaaS takes care of support and ensures high availability by identifying and promptly fixing any exceptions caused by changes in the flow of the process, freeing your teams from maintenance. We also cover training business teams and end-users on how to run and use the Robotic Process Automation solution.

Most of the automated processes deal with various systems related to different departments or teams in an organization, and many times these systems and teams work in silos. As a part of our RPAaaS, we not only integrate the data from various sources but also update them about the status. All tasks performed by the RPA robot in the customer system are logged and shared with the customer. The weekly/monthly reports are also shared, updating the business team about the bots’ performance and the accuracy achieved in running the automated processes. For this, we create, update, and share the KPIs related to productivity and performance.

The Scope Of RPAaaS

Cloud4C Engagement model

We partner with the customer, identify the processes for automation, understand and analyze the workflow of all the identified processes.

We then confirm the readiness of the automation for the mutually agreed processes and deploy the process.

After deployment, Cloud4C RPAaaS team runs the process for one week to showcase the entire Automation. Billing will begin once the Business team accepts the results.

Our RPA COE will be responsible for capturing data as well as uploading the data into the ERP/Custom system of Customer.

We provide the option to the customer to terminate the contract, without any obligations, if they find any deficiency in services.

We target to achieve the highest level of accuracy and the payments will be based on the accuracy of the information extracted through the Robotic Process Automation. The accuracy level shall be signed for each process based on the analysis performed by our team.

Cloud4C shall be paid on a monthly basis per process and the entire process accuracy will be the responsibility of Cloud4C.

We utilize the customer’s infrastructure/credentials and run the robots in their environment. All the logs of the transactions performed by the Robotic Process Automation in the customer system are logged. In case of any clarifications, the logs shall be shared with the customer.

Bank On Diffrentiators

Topping capability with proven credibility



Unique industry scenarios automated



Man hours saved



Accuracy delivered



Business process automated


Near-zero Business Downtime



Compliance Adherence