RPA Robots automating tasks across industries

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A digital transformation strategy for an organization should cover every function or department that has processes with high automation potential. From procurement to delivery management and customer service, RPA robots can help each of the functions streamline their processes - quickly and securely.

At Cloud4C, we have designed ready-to-use as well as customized Robotic Process Automation solutions for every function, enabling them to achieve operational efficiency with scalable automation.

RPA in Supply Chain

Simplified inventory, shipments, and materiel processing


RPA Robots handling end-to-end - Procurement to Production

Robotic Process Automation is being increasingly adopted within the supply chain for supply/demand planning, vendor selection/evaluation, inventory management and to attain faster cycle times. Organizations are taking an end-to-end Robotic Process Automation approach in the supply chain to gain full benefits.

Processes that have benefited from our intelligent RPA solutions:

  • Material Master Data Management
  • PR to PO Conversion (Automated PO creation for the Contract Items)
  • GRN Posting
  • MIS Report (Days of Inventory, Lead Time, Vendor Evaluation)
  • Ageing Inventory
  • Open PO

RPA Use Case - Accelerating Procurement process

Cloud4C has designed and built intelligent automation for Dodla Dairy, a leading dairy firm in South India, for streamlining processes - right from milk collection from 22+ lakh farmers to invoicing till distribution.

Based on their existing processes, the RPA solution was customized to meet their requirements. Automation solution included tagging milk from each farmer, categorizing based on weight, fat and SNF content, updating milk collection reports & truck sheets, sending alerts, posting Goods Received Note (GRN), and checking & calculating prices so that each farmer gets paid appropriately as per his produce.


  • 16 processes automated
  • 950 hours saved monthly
  • 40 % reduction in processing time
  • 100% accuracy achieved

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RPA in Supply Chain - Raw Milk Reception Dock (RMRD) process

RPA In Supply Chain

RPA in Finance and Accounting

Invoicing to payments planned perfectly

RPA Agents actively assisting organisations with their Finance functions

Finance and accounting teams in every organization are responsible for some business-critical processes related to invoices, payments, reconciliation etc., and with RPA solutions that are accurate, efficient, and compliant, these teams can automate their processes easily.

Processes that have benefited from our intelligent RPA solutions:

  • Bill payments
  • Bill invoicing
  • Vendor Invoice Processing
  • Agent Commission
  • Loan / Material Recoveries
  • GST Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS)
  • Payment Advice with UTR Number Reference Post BRS
  • Staff Pay Sheet Reconciliation
  • Intercompany Transaction Reconciliation
  • Unbilled Revenue Report Reconciliation
  • Deposits Reconciliation
  • Revenue Reconciliation / With and Without Taxes
  • Flight GST Recovery

RPA Use Case - Flawlessly processing Invoices

We designed RPA robots for many organizations that take care of their accounts payable processes such as accessing invoice documents, updating vendor information, validating, and processing payments.

At Cloud4C, we use an in-house Optical Character Recognition (OCR) platform to automate data capture from various structured and unstructured data formats (paper-based as well as online), also take care of accuracy and training required as per customer's processes.

RPA bots capture information present in the form of structured/unstructured data, and process that information, for correctness, based on some set-rules defined by the customer. The validated invoices are then updated into the SAP system, and notifications are sent to Administrators.


RPA in Finance - Invoice processing

RPA In Supply Chain

RPA in Human Resources

Automation solutions for High performing HR Departments


HR teams could now focus on strategic initiatives, with the repetitive tasks being subsumed by automation

To free up the HR team from repetitive data-intensive work and to let them focus on initiatives and employee development, it is crucial to automate certain mundane tasks handled by the team. HR teams are unleashing the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation to achieve their broader goals.

Processes that have benefited from our intelligent RPA solutions:

  • Employee Master Data Management
  • Absentee / Absconding Letter Publishing
  • New-Joinee Process Automation
  • Appointment Letter and Relieving Letter Automation
  • Employee Information System (EIS) Data Audit and Reports
  • Attendance reconciliation from Multiple Systems
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payslip Management

RPA Use Case - Accurately processing Payrolls

Automated payroll processing for an HR department at a major company. Implemented digital process automation interacting (extracting and updating) with the existing digital HR system (Oracle HRMS) that helped the HR team with attendance reconciliation, payroll processing, and payslip management.

This RPA robot automated attendance reconciliation, calculating, extracting, and sharing payslips with Employees, updating the information in the Oracle system, and notifying the Accounts to the team about the updates to the Ledger.

RPA in HR - Payroll processing

RPA In Supply Chain

RPA in IT Services

Bringing back the focus on core functions

Routine tasks take up by Virtual IT Team members made possible through RPA

IT teams receive a lot of service requests that are simple and repetitive, and for such requests, all they need to do is follow some defined steps. A Virtual IT team member powered by Robotic Process Automation can offload the IT team with such requests, thereby helping the core team concentrate on higher priority or complex issues.

Processes that have benefited from our intelligent RPA solutions:

  • Self-help for Users services like Password Reset, Mailbox management, and 9 other activities
  • SAP Landscape Health Check
  • Infrastructure Compliance reports
  • Active User Reports

RPA Use Case - Optimizing IT services

At a leading firm, automated SAP health check activity, freeing their IT team to focus more on complex tasks. SAP health checks and status typically include some rudimentary tasks, which can be easily automated.

Their SAP landscape health check included working on 22 T-Codes that were being run by their (L2/L3) engineers and generating reports which were consuming an average of 2-3 man-hours. The RPA robot was introduced in their system to remove rudimentary tasks from their L2/L3 resources task list. This robot logs into all the systems in SAP landscape, runs 22 T-codes, extracts report, and, based on standard parameters defined, sends alerts for only cases that need L2/L3 engineer's attention.


RPA in IT - SAP Health check

RPA In Supply Chain

RPA in Sales & Distribution

Smarter Marketing and Business Development through improved workflows


Organisations achieving a robust Sales & Distribution regime through automated reporting and process workflows

Sales order tasks have a lot of dependency on manual efforts, also are tedious and error-prone. Organizations are leveraging Robotic Process Automation for not only chalking out a workflow that can take care of sales orders but for also creating reports that can provide insights to their management. RPA can also assist in keeping the customers informed about promotions or shipment status etc.

Processes that have benefited from our intelligent RPA solutions:

  • Sales Order Automation
  • Order Booking Process
  • MIS Reports
  • Customer Promotions

RPA Use Case - Automating month-end reporting

Preparing accounting reports at the end of the month can be a daunting task. We have helped organizations automate this flow, saving time, and effort that goes into creating these reports. Our RPA robots help in collecting data from various sources/departments, creating a consolidated Management Information System (MIS) report. It helps the management assess the performance of an organization and provides insights for better decision making.

RPA in Sales & Distribution - End of the month Accounting reports

RPA In Supply Chain