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How RPA is positively disrupting ways in which industries conventionally operate

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RPA Robots automating tasks across industries

RPA By Industry

Every industry can benefit from automation. Intelligent RPA solutions provide the ability to automate any repetitive or routine process, with minimal or no human intervention, helping in streamlining operations and enhancing customer experience.

Cloud4C delivers tailored automation solutions to a wide range of industries based on their specific needs. With our extensive RPA knowledge and domain expertise, we have designed solutions that are easily integrable with existing workflows, significantly improving the overall operational costs.

RPA in Banking & Finance

Streamlining operations from data collection & sharing to security & compliance

The banking industry does have a huge number of manual and repetitive processes executed by their knowledgeable workforce, impacting their performance and efficiency. Also, various banking processes deal with voluminous and sensitive data, manual processing can be hazardous. Thus, the banking industry is now turning to Robotic Process Automation to streamline operations, improve operational efficiency, reduce operational risks & costs, and simultaneously meet all their compliance & regulatory requirements. 
Robotic banking is also leveraging hyper automation, which is RPA combined with AI, to automate some of their core operations, making it worthy of going the RPA way.

Cloud4C's intelligent automation solutions can help you:

Robotic banking simplifying operations

Automate data collection, processing, and sharing

RPA automating repetitive tasks and enabling IT team to focus on complex issues

Follow security and compliance standards

RPA transforming Retail industry and improving business operations

Reduce processing errors

Robotic Process Automation helping manufactures with Procurements and operations management

Read paper-based documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and complete any process within minutes

Intelligent RPA redefining process efficiency for healthcare industry

Achieve superior Turn-Around-Time (TAT), leading to the best customer experience

RPA Data collection icon for collecting, processing and sharing data

RPA in Manufacturing

Driving Efficiency, Increasing Productivity, Compliance and Agility

Physical robots have been a part of the manufacturing industry for a while now, helping them with assembling, packaging, etc. In addition to that, to have an edge and to optimize their operations, manufacturers are envisioning the automation of their labor-and-time-intensive, crucial back-office operational processes such as procurement, inventory management, payment processing, stakeholder communication etc.

Our expert team at Cloud4C can assist in implement Robotic Process Automation strategies for optimizing and streamlining processes dealing with procurement, supplier & vendor management, customer deliveries, and achieve these goals:

Accelerate process administration

RPA Icon for analyzing customer t=behaviour

Deliver faster by automating the approval process

RPA icon for customer satisfaction

Better supplier management

RPA icon for accelerating process administration

Efficient inventory turnover

RPA icon for supplier management

Predict customer needs and quickly adapt to changes

RPA icon predicting customer needs

Creation of reports (such as MIS) that help in taking better decisions

RPA Security icon for standards and compliances

RPA in IT 

Identify high-volume administrative tasks ripe for automation

IT sector has been extensively using automation solutions for their IT Managed Services & Infrastructure support. Right from common issues such as password resets to patch management, backup management to system/database administration, IT teams spend hours in resolving and completing mundane activities. By outsourcing such tasks to RPA bots, the IT team can work on complex issues that can cost more to the organization if not addressed on time.

At Cloud4C, we offer customized solutions that can be easily integrated with the existing IT applications and leverage the existing workflows. Few scenarios where Robotic Process Automation is helping the IT Industry reach their automation goals:

RPA Errors warnings icon for reducing human prone errors

Automating the first-line IT support activities

RPA Scanning icon for reading and processing data present on paper based or online documents

API integrations with existing systems/applications

RPA TAT icon for reducing turn around time

Automating approval processes

RPA customer support icon in IT operations

Analyzing data-based parameters and classifying them as needed

RPA API integrations icon

Generating reports

RPA Data analysis in progress icon

Sending notifications or alerts to required stakeholders

RPA in Retail & Media

Understanding customers' needs and wants better by infusing efficiency

The retail industry has been constantly looking for solutions to analyze huge sales data, improve their customer service and reduce their capital expenditure so that they can concentrate on what matters most to them - their customers!

Cloud4C can help identify core areas and processes where Robotic Process Automation can drastically improve business operations and provide insights for better planning and management. Below are some process examples where we can contribute:

RPA Automation process approval icon

Automate structured or unstructured data - paper-based (using OCR) or online, read and process them

RPA Icon for generating reports

Track supply & demand trends

RPA Icon for notifications or alerts

Maintaining huge inventories and fulfilling changing demands

RPA Icon for scanning structured and unstructured data using OCR

Faster business operations like invoice/payments processing

RPA Icon for Identifying Supply and demand trends

Analyze consumer behavior which can be useful for new product launches/promotions

Invoice and payments processing RPA icon

Improved customer satisfaction with high availability

Delivering faster RPA icon

RPA in Health Care

Compassion and Care empowered by a touch of automation

Most hospitals deal with multiple systems and complex processes for managing their supply chain operations, maintaining staff & patient records, processing invoices, payments & claims. Integration, conciliation, and validation of information present in different systems can be challenging, error-prone, and time-consuming as most of them might work in silos. Health care providers are adopting robotic process automation solutions to overcome these challenges and achieve operational efficiency. With the number of COVID cases increasing every day, hospitals are flooded with patients more than ever. It has become critical for hospitals to switch to efficient, accurate, and automated processes so that the health workers can entirely focus on the patients' wellbeing.

At Cloud4C, we can help design and implement processes that can aid in:

Efficient inventory RPA icon

Collecting and updating patient's digital records

RPA icon for generating reports

Efficiently managing inventory

RPA icon for updating reports

Expediting patient admission and discharge process

RPA icon for managing inventory

Analyzing data and providing insights

RPA icon for patient admission

Ensuring data confidentiality

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